Obama wants contraception to be a campaign issue…


In his speech today, the Potus reminds us that we are Americans, but he can grant us “free medical care” along with “free contraceptive care”. Obama speaks as if he personally makes these decisions. He said he understands how some people want religious liberties and that is why “we originally exempted all churches from this requirement….” When I last heard it was the Constitution of the United States that protects my personal liberties. The really sad thing is that many people listening have become so used to this rhetoric they never bat an eye, but think, “What a guy!”

Dick Morris, who is pretty keen when it comes to political insight, believes that Barack Obama wants to make contraception a campaign issue for 2012.

Perhaps this is why ‘his majesty’ has decided that he will just issue a decree that all the world will be taxed, (oops that comes later), I mean that all insurance companies will pay for birth control:

The White House announced today that, instead of forcing religious employers to pay for birth control, it will force insurance companies to offer the drugs free of charge to all women, no matter where they work.

This is supposed to make Catholics and pro-lifers feel all better and vote for Barack Obama in November, 2012.

It is also supposed to make his opponent come out against birth control. That makes Obama’s job of attacking the opposition a little easier, doesn’t it?

Actually the media has already begun to help with this debate by framing the problem as a problem concerning birth control rather than freedom. At Politico we read:

From the standpoint of the 2012 campaign, the debate over birth control…

The NY Times actually included religious liberty, but put birth control as the first reason for the edict:

President Obama, seeking to dampen a runaway political furor over birth control and religious liberty…

It remains to be seen how this power-play from Obama will be accepted by the American people.


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