Margaret Sanger, PP, and Abortion – It is not too late to stop abortion!

In an earlier post I shared some information that I had not known before from a video found on YouTube. The video can be found at “What is Planned Parenthood and who was its founder – Margaret Sanger?” I did not know that the Smithsonian has a federally funded exhibit that honors Margaret Sanger, but does not tell the complete story of Sanger. The exhibit fails to mention her belief in eugenics and racist statements made by her. 

As a tax-payer, I am not pleased about this, but it isn’t nearly as disturbing as tax-money funding abortions. On the website Black Babies Targeted for Abortion there is a video showing how suction abortions are performed. The video is also available on YouTube. It isn’t an actual abortion, but teaches enough to show the cruelty of this type of procedure to anyone who wishes to know what actually is being done when an unborn baby is put to death by abortion.

The author at Black Babies Targeted for Abortion also explains why they feel blacks are targeted today. I am not certain about whether blacks are being targeted for sinister purposes or if the result is intentional this long after Sanger’s original establishment of the institution. Due to the location of clinics across America, blacks are served more often by PP. PP will say that this is done to aid women of low income and allow them easy access to “health care” and I accept that it has to do with easy access.

After spending many hours this week-end feeling depressed and defeated while thinking about what is happening across America and the attitudes of many toward our unborn I realize that Americans who care have an opportunity to stop this brutality. Rick Santorum is the most pro-life candidate ever to run for president and he has had more success than any other pro-life candidate. It is not too late for him to be elected. If you would like to stop abortion from killing the unborn in the USA, please send him a donation now and vote for him when your state holds its primary and then again in November.

If you have been a victim of abortion propaganda or an abortionists please know that God forgives. Many women have aborted a child without understanding what this procedure actually does to the child and without understanding that abortion stops a beating heart. Regardless of what you knew, there is forgiveness and healing, and you can make a difference now by helping to stop this from happening to someone else. God loves you and He wants to heal and forgive.

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4 Responses to Margaret Sanger, PP, and Abortion – It is not too late to stop abortion!

  1. Jessica says:

    I didn’t know about the Smithsonian thing either, but it’s not surprising considering federal funds go straight to Planned Parenthood anyhow. Rick Santorum’s values have made me rethink his candidacy, in a good way. I was planning on being a grudging Romney voter but maybe there’s still hope!


    • jlue says:

      Jessica, That is what I have decided. There is still hope. I was just reading a blog where someone quotes Barack Obama in “Christianity Today” stating that he is a devoted Christian. I just cannot comprehend how this can be the case. He is so deceptive. Of course the Islamic religion leaves room for Muslims to lie to Christians if it promotes their ’cause’. I am not saying that he is a Muslim or that this is what he is doing, I am just trying to make sense of this man. The White House helped the bankrupt manufacturer (Solyndra) gain money over the objections of federal budget analysts and news reports have identified one of the company’s major investors as an Obama fundraiser. He has pumped tax payer dollars into his supporters time after time. He has not been what I call ‘honest’. Even so, it looks as if he could be re-elected unless Republicans get their act together. Maybe the Lord sent Santorum for such a time as this.


      • Jessica says:

        You don’t even need to put “honest” in quotations, the man has been blatantly dishonest about several issues. Conspiracy theories about his religion are unnecessary when you just look at his political and ideological background. I suspect (and hope!) I’m not alone in the “voting for anyone but the incumbent” in this election.


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