Climate Politics – Finally it is being called what it really is!

With the news of the theft of documents by Peter Gleick, (who is being praised as a hero by “climate scientists”) bloggers, scientists and journalists are using the term ‘Climate Politics’ more freely. If Gleick accomplishes nothing else, we may be able to thank him for this.

In the steel-cage death match that is climate politics, this one plays to a draw. Heartland insists one of the documents is a forgery and has yet to confirm the authenticity of the rest.

Do you remember when scientists were much too ‘professional’ and uninvolved in politics to allow themselves to be described as ‘political’. 🙂 That was considered a major insult. Never mind that everything they did regarding climate seem to have a political motivation.

In today’s politically correct world, terminology is controlled in a major way. When ‘correct’ terminology is used, ‘journalists’ find it much easier to control the path the mind of the reader travels.

Anyway, Peter Gleick has admitted that he used an assumed name and fraudulent methods to obtain documents from a group called Heartland.  His reason for taking such a risk will become obvious once you know the mission of Heartland Institute:

The Heartland Institute’s Center on Climate and Environmental Policy produces an ambitious program of research and educational projects in defense of free-market environmentalism. …The environmental movement needs voices devoted to sound science and market-based, rather than government-based, solutions to environmental problems. The nation’s air and water quality, the safety of its food, and the health and productivity of its forests all depend on bringing the best-available science and economic research to bear on protecting the environment.
Apparently scientists who align themselves with Al Gore and his movement feel threatened by a group such as Heartland who are interested in “voices devoted to sound science and market-based, rather than government-based solutions.”
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  1. John Scotus says:

    Climate change always was something of a fraud. It seemed that in the 1970s, nearly everyone in the scientific community believed that by 2010 the Earth was going to turn into a big ice cube with no remaining natural resources and overrun with people. These same people are pushing global warming alarmism now.


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