Doonesbury vs Unborn

CNN, much to their credit carried an excellent article, “Why “Doonesbury Got It Wrong, explaining all the ways Garry Trudeau has been wrong in his recent efforts to keep abortion numbers up with his ‘so-called’ comic strip.

The strip shows an incompetent person, probably the abortionists, discussing a sonogram with a woman.


The one thing even an incompetent can recognize on a sonogram is the heartbeat.

In his strip, Trudeau implies many things. As noted above, CNN ran an editorial written by Melinda Fredricks who is Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.  In it, she explained all the “ugly mischaracterizations of the law” given by this piece of work. 

The subject itself isn’t appropriate for a comic strip, but since Trudeau has chosen this subject I think it is fair to discuss his handling of it. The one thing Fredricks did not mention, that I wish to take issue with, is the implication that a mother will abort her child for something trivial as suggested by “if it is going to have aspirations to be anything like the TX governor.”

This is an insult to women who have struggled with the abortion issue.

Perhaps Trudeau has captured the heart of some men who push abortion. I don’t know about that, but surely he does a severe injustice to women with his portrayal of a woman making a decision in such a flippant manner. I do not believe women who visit abortion clinics do so casually and I feel certain that this is not representative of most women.


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2 Responses to Doonesbury vs Unborn

  1. Lex says:

    That’s pretty disgusting.

    I was adamantly pro-choice before I met the Lord, and I volunteered almost every Saturday morning at an abortion clinic in the city. Even as an atheist who passionately supported abortion rights, it was impossible to deny the oppressive atmosphere in that place. Everyone was upset. Everyone was in turmoil. Everyone was in pain.

    It’s not a flippant decision at all, and not something to be treated so trivially by a man who never has been, and never will be, in that situation.


    • jlue says:

      That was my thinking. I am completely against abortion, but I do not believe that women who choose it are doing so casually. Most are probably scared and not thinking straight. What they need, I believe, is support and someone who can help them find a way to do what their heart is probably telling them to do. From what I have been told, that is not what happens in abortion clinics.


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