Update On: Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism

After writing my previous post, I communicated with Dr. Eidelman who helped conduct the research on which I reported. I realize that the post was pretty “not nice” and I think I did over-react. Eidelman is a very nice person and he has stated that the purpose of the report was certainly not to reach a predetermined conclusion. I have no reason not to believe him and I will apologize for my snide remarks. Here is a part of what I wrote to Dr. Eidelman.

I agree that I did come close to name calling, but not calling you a name, simply calling the research less than the quality that I think it should have to make such a claim against such a wide segment of our population. I would think to make such a claim, a school or committee would spend years in research and documentation.

Sorry to sound insulting, but I feel strongly that this research is brief and inconclusive and yet it is being used to label people.

Certainly if I were ‘liberal’, I might not have noticed the report, but it is my opinion that we need to be careful what we present as evidence that a group of people do not ‘think’ when we disagree with them.

How many college students, who honestly feel conservatives have better answers, will be willing to speak out when they are told they may not be as intelligent as their peers due to their views? While you did not say that, you came very close and others are saying it for you. Consider all the implications!

Since I have been wanting to unite rather than divide, I need to take my own advice on this one. Please forgive! I cannot know the motives of those who decided to do the study or what they wished the outcome to be.


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