Facts ~ I am glad that I recently learned these facts.

In addition to all the bad news coming out of Sudan, something else is happening. A team of doctors are repairing the faces of children born with cleft palate with no costs to their families. Children who could not go out in public due to ridicule are now able to attend school and play with other children.

Did you know that in Honduras a young man recently received a gift of fifty chickens and with these chickens he is now providing for his family and others in his village?

Did you have any idea that many women in Cambodia who are stricken with HIV or AIDS are now  given home  care training on how to live with this devastating disease?

Recently in Alabama, after April 27, 2011, a family had someone come to them, clean up the debris and rebuild their home in Tuscaloosa.

A young girl in Uganda recently received life-saving surgery through a project known as Children’s Heart Project.

We take clean water for granted in the U.S.A, but in many parts of the world, wells are being drilled and pumps inserted in order for villagers to have pure drinking water.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water (Photo credit: SEDACMaps)

These and other life-saving measures are due to the ministry of Franklin Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham. When Christ got hold of Franklin, he went from being a rebellious youth to a man who may be one of the people Jesus had in mind when he said, “Greater works than these…”

Samaritans Purse is the ministry that needs our support.


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