Five Evidences For A Global Flood

Brad Forlow has written a small book called Five Evidences For A Global Flood.  In this book, there are five major areas of evidence given. Those who are none believers may think that the first three would serve only to convince Christians or believers. This isn’t the case. He shares scripture that points to a literal translation and an actual global flood. What I am listing below is just a sample.

  • Evidence 1: Genesis Teaches a Global Flood

In this section, along with many other scriptures, Dr. Forlow uses Genesis 7:19-20 to show us how precise the scripture is detailing the information of the flood. This would not be done in a myth.

  • Evidence 2 God Judged the World Through a Global Flood

In this section Forlow states:

 In Genesis 6:17, the Hebrew word used for flood is mabbul. The use of this particular word emphasizes the unique nature of the event. Various other words are used in Scripture for local floods, but the use of mabbul speaks to the Flood of Noah’s day as being the Flood.

  • Evidence 3: All Scripture Testifies of a Global Flood

2 Peter 3:5-7 – Interestingly, Peter used the unique Greek word kataklusmos to refer to the Flood. This word applies solely to Noah’s Flood indicating that this flood was different and unparalleled from other floods.

  • Evidence 4: Geology Reveals the Fact of a Global Flood
  • Evidence 5: The Fossil Record Requires a Global Flood

The last two sections are written for those who are searching for evidence found in nature by scientists.

As of today, there is one copy on Amazon if someone is interested in buying the book there.

Another post called Here Comes Noah at ‘God Said: Man Said’: has audio on this topic.


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