Our Choice in November – Marxism or Capitalism

We will be voting in November. It has become totally apparent that while many say there is not a difference between Obama and Romney, there is a huge difference.

I maintain that just as Barack Obama will not endorse gay marriage because he thinks he will lose votes, he will not directly endorse Marxism; yet he supports both. Those who support gay marriage understand that he is 100% for gay marriage. He says, however, that he is still “evolving”. Obama will not endorse Carl Marx theories, but instead he uses socially acceptable language. He talks about rich Americans as evil and himself as ensuring a fair shot for all Americans.

Obama was taught Marxism as a child.

Karl Marx and Barrack Obama have very similar views. Obama sees our economy as a struggle between the rich, who are evil, and everyone else who deserves what the rich have. Marx saw life as a class war-fare struggle – Wage, Labor, and Capital by Karl Marx

Obama chose those men with Marxists leanings to serve as Czars in his administration. A Czar does not answer to ‘we the people’! Check out Van Jones, Mark Lloyd,  Robert McChesney, Paul Volcker and Adolfo Carrion. His appointee, Jim Yong Kim for President of the World Bank seems more due to Kim’s ideology rather than his experience. The fact that some of these have resigned doesn’t change the fact that they were his first choices for the position they held.

The images below were borrowed from the Gateway Pundit. A revealing graphic.

It’s not the first time Barack Obama used Marxist imagery in a campaign. In 2008 Barack Obama’s posters in Berlin resembled Marxist-Leninist fliers.

Obama’s words indicate his leanings.

“The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth and sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice.” Barack Obama –  (I find it very troubling that the video of Obama actually saying this has been removed from viewing.)

March 27, 2008 speaking at a campaign event in New York, Obama includes this sentence.  Note the use of the word, common:

For the sake of our common prosperity, we needed to adapt to keep markets competitive and fair. 

Obama, clearly lied about his association with a radical leftist named Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers, according to ‘The American Thinker’  was an influential leader of the revolutionary Marxist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). It seems to me that rather than lie about his association, if Obama truly has a different position than Ayers, he would just say so.

Rick Bookstaber, who currently serves on President Obama’s Financial Stability Oversight Council, just quoted Karl Marx on his personal blog.

Obama has stated that the government should impose “tax laws that restore some balance to the distribution of the nation’s wealth.” It seems that Obama, as with most ruling politicians, has his millions in aquasi-blind trust” — exempt from his “tax the rich” plan.

The following paragraph from ‘The American Thinker’ sums up the Obama Administrations position and how this administration promotes class warfare, a continuing theme of Marxists.

The administration’s rhetorical assaults on business and repeated allusions to Republicans or the rich as “enemies” betray Marxist moorings.  To Obama, profits represent not satisfied customers, but swindles; businesses are “greedy” until proven innocent.  Acquittals come via campaign contributions or penance to progressive causes.  Those who cooperate obtain ObamaCare waivers and lucrative public contracts; those who won’t get vilification from the presidential bully pulpit.

Marxism is dangerous. Its only success is theoretical. There are no success stories to which one can point. An explanation of why Marxism doesn’t work is provided at Creation Ministries International.


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