Herman Cain Still Making A Difference

Herman Cain

Herman Cain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Herman Cain’s common sense approach to government and taxes is a real asset to the conservative movement.

Recently Mr. Cain spoke on fifteen college campuses where he was well-recieved. Hecklers only attempted to silence him once at a school in TN, but the student body who wanted to hear what he had to say out shouted the hecklers so that Cain could exercise his first amendment rights.

At UGA he was very well received. While encouraging self-reliance and giving the students a personal example of how our system works he said:

“I had to ride in the back of the bus. Now, I own the freakin’ bus. Name me another country in the world where you can do that.”

When speaking of the event, the Athens Banner-Herald said:

Herman Cain may be more popular now than when he was running for president.

An overflowing crowd of about 400 people came to a University of Georgia College Republicans meeting Wednesday night to hear Cain speak in a Miller Learning Center auditorium.

I am thankful that he shares a conservative message for those who, otherwise, might hear only  liberal arguments during formative college years. College students are listening!


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