Ten things missing from Mitt Romney’s past.

Who is Mitt Romney and what about his past? Is there anything that he did not do during the past fifty some odd years?

Apparently there are some things he didn’t do. Mitt…

…did not do cocaine or “use drugs enthusiastically” or any other way.

…did not drink heavily or at all during college years?

…did not use ‘drones’ to spy on citizens when he was governor.

…did not make comments stating that being told “No” by the MA General Court was not an option for  him.

…did not associate with radicals who despise our system of government.

…did not hang out with communist.

…did not become an atheist for a period of time.

…did not use a lack of law enforcement as a political tool during his time as governor.

…did not file law suits against cities in MA with whom he disagreed.

…did not by-pass the General Court and impose his will on the people of MA .

Certainly if Mitt Romney or ANY OTHER candidate had done any of the above things, the media would be exposing those things to the people of America. Reporting is the job of media, is it not?


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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2 Responses to Ten things missing from Mitt Romney’s past.

  1. Nita Wiggins says:

    Hello – To add to the Romney list above:

    Mitt Romney did not live like ‘lower middle class’ French people during this Paris Mormon mission work. We can say that for his six months in Paris, not his entire mission.

    View the video and read the article for solid information from a journalist.


    Video of his $12-million residence


    • jlue says:

      Mitt Romney did not say he lived in less than luxury while in Paris. He said that he had,”…experienced austerity as a missionary in France, using a bucket for a lavatory and a hose for a shower.” This is easily explained. He lived in a nice place, but he went out into the ‘field’ to minister. While there he experienced austerity. I once spent time in Yucatan, Mexico. While there, we stayed in a compound that had a bed for each person, running water, indoor baths, wonderful food, and comfort. When we went into the villages and spent the day we did not have any of those things. We experienced life as those who were living there experienced it daily. We found out what it is like to not have a bathroom or running water. Many on the left feel Mitt Romney is somehow evil for being rich. I am not one of those people. Perhaps he will have the expertise to help others in this country rise out of poverty.

      I am not a Mormon, but I have learned that Mormons work hard and they share. The statement he made does not prove him to be anything other than a missionary.


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