Nathan Deal and A Servant’s Heart


Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal (Photo credit: Rich Lacey)

The first time I heard Nathan Deal speak at a local meeting I became a supporter. That was some time ago. He was our representative and I have spoken with him on several occasions.

When he ran for governor of our state I was thrilled and again did what I could to support him. Among other things, I bombarded Mike Huckabee with emails asking him to endorse Nathan Deal. Finally it happened and I think this helped Deal win the close election.

I haven’t heard much from the Governor since the election. Now, however, he has a new web-site and I hope everyone interested will check it out.

Governor Deal hasn’t forgotten the importance of having a servant’s heart. From the day he was inaugurated, he made service opportunities available to citizens in GA. The ministry is called A Servant’s Heart.

Servant’s Heart is a movement for Georgians to volunteer and act on needs in their own region. To highlight the movement, on December 17, 2011 Governor Deal and First Lady Sandra Deal joined citizens at Good News at Noon, Norcross Co-Op, MUST Ministries, City of Refuge, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Nathan gets a lot of criticism from the left and mean accusations. Personally, I think this is because he is very conservative and not because he is corrupt. He seems to be a good man and a Christian.


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