Update on Teacher who used ‘Romney was a bully’ as the ‘Fact of the Day’

Was the teacher punished or rewarded?

Up-Date: The following paragraph is taken from The Blaze.

We learned the name and the fate of the Social Studies teacher heard on the video posted below. Toyna Dixon-Neely is the woman heard yelling at students who dared to express negative opinions about President Obama. We also found out that Ms. Dixon-Neely’s outrageous statements may not have led to a strict punishment: the local newspaper is reporting that she has been suspended with pay. (Curiously the Huffington Post says that the teacher is on an unpaid suspension, pending the outcome of the investigation by the school board.)

Suspended with pay- if the local paper is correct! Is this a reward for good behavior? A teacher no longer has to report to work, but continues to draw a salary at tax payer expense!


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4 Responses to Update on Teacher who used ‘Romney was a bully’ as the ‘Fact of the Day’

  1. No- she was suspended WITHOUT pay (and rightly so). Check your facts.

    But let;s not forget- this is an individual teacher acting on their own- not a school or government policy.
    Unlike the many states that have mandated “creationism” be taught as science. Or that only “Abstinence only” sex ed can be taught. Or the heartlands institutes attempts to get states to teach that global climate change is false. Seems to me it is overwhelmingly the conservatives who insist upon indoctrination…


    • jlue says:

      So you think she was indoctrinating her students? You are probably right, but I thought she was just not doing a good job of teaching that day. There are many ways a teacher can say that she or he believes Romney to be a bully without calling it the ‘fact of the day’. Actually, indoctrination is usually much more subtle and the teachers are usually better informed.

      Facts were checked. I found around 20 reports that she was suspended with pay, but did leave it open to the possibility that she did not receive pay since that sounds so absurd.

      What a state mandates is something done that means it is done in the open with parents and school boards involved. That doesn’t really apply to what happened here. I don’t think there is a state mandate that teachers must give out false information concerning the first amendment.

      What will happen as for as curriculum on sex education, the origin of matter, and global warming is being decided by politicians, courts, and with some input from educators. Personally, I think facts should be taught and the different conclusions that can be derived from the facts.


  2. smijer says:

    but did leave it open to the possibility that she did not receive pay since that sounds so absurd.

    Indeed it does sound absurd. I used to get very wound up when police officers would shoot or beat unarmed an unresisting “suspects”, have it all caught on their dashboard cameras, and get suspended with pay. A lot of anti-authoritarian blogs post incidents of this sort as evidence of the abuse of police powers and the leniency police are treated with.

    But sounding absurd isn’t the same thing as being absurd. In fact, suspension with pay is very common during the investigation phase of an incident. It protects the employer (often a municipality or state) from lawsuits until they have been able to investigate properly and assign the disciplinary action(s) called for in their operating procedures.


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