Prayerwalking – Bathe America in Prayer

America needs prayer. Have you heard of ‘prayerwalking’? I was introduced to the concept in Voices of the Faithful, by Kim Davis with Beth Moore.

Prayerwalking: Interceding for the World One Step At A Time has information on learning more about this type of intercession. Foreign missionaries practice “prayerwalking” when they go into distant lands to minister.

A brief description of prayerwalking is found at: A Short Course in Prayerwalking.

I am thinking that Christians in America, if we will choose to do this, could walk our country and bathe it in prayer. Would you commit to prayerwalk your community?

Our pastor does either this, or something similar, when he walks through our empty church building he prays for different people and ministries. He has told us that he sometimes goes to the place where we generally sit and there he calls our name in prayer. He is a great man of God, but a person doesn’t have to be a pastor to pray for others. Every mobile Christian in America can prayerwalk.

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