Castro’s Daughter brings focus to Obama’s dilemma!

Communist Mariela Castro, who is touring the U.S. speaking out for gay rights has endorsed Barack Obama.

Michael Youssef remarked that he feels sorry for the president because he is trying to go in two different directions. Now Obama seems to have added a third direction.

Here are the facts. Obama is a strong supporter of Muslims. He also claims to support women’s rights. We know he is involved in supporting gay rights.

Now for Obama’s problems:

Homosexual activity is a crime and forbidden in most Muslim-majority countries and sometimes punished by death.

Pregnant women in many countries have ultra-sounds just to determine the sex of the child. If the baby is found to be female, she is aborted the same day.

Now with Mariela Castro touting “socialism” as emancipating one must ask why the boatloads of Cubans and the many Cuban refugees have risked their lives to arrive into the U.S. of A.

What is it going to be, Mr. President?

Obama’s attempting to appease every voter brings the words of James to my mind.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8


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