4 Responses to Alliance Defense Fund Informs – Have you heard what they say about Obamacare?

  1. I have no problem with people honestly discussing and debating issues even if we’re on opposite sides. But this is abhorrent. These snake-oil salesmen start every sentence with “Did you know…” say half-truths, and leave off the all-important “unless”. This is tantamount to lying. The ADF is far from legitimate.
    Now, I’m a democrat and I oppose abortion. But the whole Family Values/Pro Life issue is a joke. It was a carefully constructed political move by politicians – not religious leaders – to regain church support for Reagan in 1980 in order to counterbalance the fact that Jimmy Carter was the first Born Again President.
    If these people were really concerned about ending abortions, it would have happened years ago.


    • jlue says:

      If you have no problem with honest debate, then you have to be honest. Where do you get your facts? You need to back up your charges with some credible sources. There is one thing that you say that has a ring of truth and that is that abortion should have been ended years ago! Yes, it should have, but men like Alan Sears, James Dobson, Larry Burkett, and Chapman Fox never served in Congress nor on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court made the ruling that took away legal protection for pre-born children. It will take legal action to restore this protection. Each party has had what they call ‘centrists or blue-dogs’ who keep a party from achieving everything the party platform includes. Abortion has been one of those issues that liberals have fought to keep legal since Roe vs Wade and have been successful in spite of the efforts of men like those above and in spite of other ‘Right to Life’ groups. I agree it should have been stopped years ago.

      As for the pro-life movement being for political reasons, you are wrong. I do know there has been a real effort within the Christian community to end abortion. It has been an on-going struggle. There have been adoption groups that I have witnessed work, crises pregnancy centers where women who want to keep their babies receive support, and continuing education that has met with a great deal of success. Carter did himself in with his economic policies in much the way Obama is doing today.

      The church has tried to keep our country centered on Biblical Christianity. Sometimes that means looking at politicians. I voted for Jimmy Carter the first time he ran. Only one person was responsible for my not voting for him the second. That person was Jimmy Carter.

      As for who lied, Obama or The Alliance Defense Fund, I ask these two questions:
      Did Obama say there would not be tax-payer funded abortion?
      Does the so called health-care bill take tax-payer dollars to pay for abortion either directly or indirectly?


  2. What credible sources the the ADF site? My source is the bill itself. Whenever a subject for debate comes up, that’s where I go. Now. if you’d like me to go through about 200 pages of lawyer gibberish I will, but it’ll take a long, long time.
    I said the abortion issue STARTED as a political issue. That’s just a historical fact.
    Obama did say there would be no tax-payer funded abortions, and as I said, if you go through the bill instead of listening to partisans, you’ll see he kept his word.


    • jlue says:

      It wouldn’t be 200 pages, more like 2,000 pages. Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

      Yes, the bill is filled with gibberish and there-in lies the problem. The Alliance Defense Fund has a team of lawyers who have spent time examining the bill. Do we have a team of lawyers doing that? If not, I would say their word trumps ours.
      ACLJ did read the bill and determined:

      The law has a section describing “ABORTIONS FOR WHICH PUBLIC FUNDING IS ALLOWED.”

      By forcing states to create and run health exchanges and by forcing them to expand their Medicaid rolls which can, and in some case must, include abortion funding, more tax-payer dollars will go to fund abortions.

      One example: the Department of Health and Human Services has already used powers granted under ObamaCare to force insurance companies and employers to fully cover an abortion drug…Prior to ObamaCare the tax code allowed people to deduct the amount they pay for an abortion from their taxes. Now, under ObamaCare, individuals can not only deduct what they pay for an abortion, they may be able to receive a tax credit to buy insurance policies that cover abortions. The section of the law that purportedly excludes federal dollars from being used to subsidize abortion coverage merely “sets up accounting gimmicks to, supposedly, segregate federal funds from funds being used to pay for abortion services.”

      They give links to the bill, but it does take a long time to sort through the actual pages and like you say, read the gibberish.

      Here is a link to the site: http://aclj.org/obamacare/how-obamacare-uses-taxpayer-money-pay-abortions

      Had the bill been in good faith, it could have been written on fewer pages and in clearer language.


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