“I know where you dwell…”

The June 29th, 2012 devotional for Our Daily Bread was very comforting to me. It is even more comforting when I remember that it was written, and publishers planned the calendar, before I knew that I would need it on that particular day. Joe Stowell doesn’t know me and certainly the editors at Our Daily Bread did not know what any of us would be doing or needing on any particular day in our lives. They could not have foreseen what would be happening in our nation. So how does it happen that the ‘just right’ devotional is there at the ‘just right’ moment?

This devotional explains that actually:

… we need to remember God’s comforting words to the early Christians who were stuck in a world where Satan’s presence dominated all that was around them: “I know . . . where you dwell” (Rev. 2:13). Their situation had not escaped the heavenly Father’s notice. And as they were faithful to Him, He would sustain them until He rescued them and brought them safely home (v.17).

The fact that God knows where you are and that He is very much aware of the difficult situation you are in provides the confidence and strength needed to live for His glory. So be encouraged. Remember God’s words of comfort. Help is on the way!

For the entire devotional, check out, Help Is On the Way at Our Daily Bread. The suggested scripture reading is also helpful at a time such as this in our nation’s history.


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.


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