How do we get rid of legislation that is passed against the will of the American people when all three branches decide they know ‘best’ what we, the people, need?

We have seen movies where computers become the masters and take control of their creators.

Supreme Court of the United States Seal

Supreme Court of the United States Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

This is what is now happening in our nation with the SUPREME Court. This third branch of our system, that is supposed to keep the other two balanced and in line with the constitution,  has decided to live up to its name and rule with supreme power over not only the other two branches, but also over the constitution. It was the constitution that created the Supreme Court, the very document that it is supposed to uphold. These justices haven’t done this within and of themselves, however. This only happened with the aid and assistance of the other two branches of government.

At Exploring Constitutional Conflicts we read:

1.  How does the Supreme Court compare in its power to the other two branches of government?  Is it the most powerful because it has the last word as to the meaning of the Constitution and can order other branches to comply with its dictates?  Is it the weakest branch because it has only a few marshals to enforce its orders?  Is it “the least dangerous branch”?

The answer is that the Supreme Court is the most powerful in that these justices can snatch all power from the hands of the people. They are able to hand this power over to a tyrant with the stroke of a pen. This is what John Roberts did with his latest ruling.

The justice’s version of taking on their own life is far more dangerous than the computer version shown in movies. A computer really can be unplugged. There is no easy mechanism for reining in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, they were handed the power of tyrannical dictators by our forefathers. These judges can make decisions and can also make alliances with those serving in other branches of government and are able to unravel the entire system that has maintained integrity for these 236 years. All they need to complete this unraveling are willing executive and legislative branches.

Is this what happened when John Roberts found a way to by-pass the constitution with his ruling that the Affordable Healthcare Act is a tax and then degree that the constitution of the U.S. gives congress the right to tax citizens for something they are told they must do? The bill was never popular with the American people and certainly could not have passed as a tax. It was pushed through against the will of the majority as it was. When the act was passed, the writers and promoters argued that it was NOT a tax. Next, they went to court and argued that it should be ruled constitutional because it IS a tax. Now democrats are again arguing that the bill is not a tax. It really doesn’t matter, because the SUPREME Court has said that it is the law of the land and we will be paying for it regardless of what we call it.

Here are the questions that remain and we, the American people, must not only figure out how to answer them, we must do so immediately! How do we rein in the power of the SUPREME Court? How do we get rid of legislation that is passed against the will of the American people when all three branches decide they know what it is ‘best for the people’, against our will? How do we regain control of our elections and our government?


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