Press Corps Finally Have Something Legitimately Bad to Report on Romney Campaign


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

ABC did not lead this morning with the news story that Romney was endorsed by former Polish president Lech Walesa. Walesa said we need Romney’s leadership to restore America’s standing in the world. This apparently wasn’t that news worthy.  Instead they lead out with a comment made by one of Romney’s aides to the press.

Mitt Romney has not been the easy target that George Bush provided for a left-leaning, so-called ‘news’ media. Last night the ‘press’ managed to get something they have relentlessly sought from the Romney campaign. They got an ‘unfavorable’ reaction from an aide named Rick Gorka. I feel sure they would have been happier if it had been from Mitt, himself,  but Mitt manages to stay above the fray better than most. Still, ABC used the reaction from a member of his campaign as headline news.

One can only guess how much harassment the Romney campaign team has endured on their recent trip to Israel, Poland, and Europe, or what happened before Gorka lost his cool. The biased web-site, Politico, called Mitt Romney’s position on Israel and Palestine a “string of gaffes.” There really haven’t been so many gaffes, but rather positions on major issues have been made clear and differences between Obama and Romney emphasized. What media call gaffes are rather differences on positions of the two candidates. For one, Romney called Jerusalem the capital of Israel. This was certainly intentional. At any rate, the press’ behavior resulted in Rick Gorka telling the press to, “Kiss my a**, this is a holy site for the Polish people.” He, also, told them to, “Shove it.”

Later, the aide called and apologized for his comments. I wondered if the press owe Gorka an apology, but don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone in the press to apologize. Who recalls that ever happening? Meanwhile, ABC and Politico will get as much mileage as possible out of the story without telling us any more than necessary about what kinds of questions were being asked or why these questions were being yelled as the men attempted to leave the event in Poland.


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