Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith?

In his book, Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Faith, Don Boys, PH.D, has raised some very interesting questions. The question that I am interested in is this: Should evolution be the only theory of origins taught in public schools? Because it was written in 1994, there have been changes in the theory since the writing, however, the questions posed are still relevant.

English: Evolution of horse

English: Evolution of horse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One example of change is shown by examining the evolutionary story of the horse.  At the time of the writing of Boys, text-book writers were relying on “The uniform continuous transformation of Hyracotherium into Equus” chart to teach all students how horses evolved. If you were in school during that time-period, you are probably familiar with the chart.  Dr. Boys pointed out that the fossils used to fill in the chart pictures were taken from different times and places and were then strung together to develop an evolutionary story that was believable and fit nicely into the narrative being taught. Once Creation scientists became vocal and were able to be heard, evolutionists for the most part discontinued the use of this chart and narrative. The narrative now being used goes more like what is written at Voices – PBS Georgia.

These days, however, researchers have a far more complex picture of horse evolution — and they have given the dawn horse a much less colorful name. While they agree that today’s horse probably arose from that smaller ancestor, the path was by no means direct. Instead, paleontologists have uncovered fossils that show that horse ancestors varied in size: some large early horses gave way later to smaller ones. They also discovered that some lines of horse-like animals alternated between many and few toes over time. In addition, some proto-horses once thought to be direct forefathers of the modern animals were revealed to be distantly related cousins — just one dead-end branch on a bushy family tree.

In his book, Dr. Boys makes an observation that we would all do well to consider:

If you mate a female horse with a male ass, the offspring is a sterile mule, but if we did not have that information and found them as fossils, they could be arranged in a series to prove how an ass evolved into the mule and the mule evolved into the horse. And that decision could be reached by an honest person looking for proof of evolution–and he would be wrong as he assembled his missing links.

Because the past is difficult to determine, humans are often mistaken and mistakes are often undiscovered (some take decades, others centuries) are we not doing our students a terrible disservice when we refuse to allow information, ideas, or opposing views into the classroom?  We are entering a very ‘dark age’ indeed when we censor all ideas except the ideas of those who call themselves evolutionary scientists.

Should evolution be the only theory of origins taught in public schools?

No! Evolution should not be the only theory of origins taught in public schools, however, unless parents become involved and vocal, students will continue to be taught only the narrative written by these evolutionists who are very politically active and determined to keep any mention of design or creation out of student’s vocabulary and if possible, out of their minds.


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