Middle School Teacher Tells His Students That Conservative Voters Will Have Disappeared Ten Years From Now

This week, a middle school teacher actually told his students that “By the time you are old enough to vote, none of you will vote conservative.”

Because my grandchild hasn’t been indoctrinated completely, at least one student took issue with what the teacher said.

Our country has now been taken over by a regime who claims to have a mandate to transform the country. Training young children on how to be good ‘progressives’ seems to be a big part of the transformation.

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

Students in the USA are now being indoctrinated in the same manner that the young pioneers were indoctrinated in the USSR. It did not begin with Barack Obama, however, the process was stepped up four years ago when he first took office.

It was then that many teachers, especially black teachers, began to teach students to look to him as a type of national hero who deserved worship from young followers. Notice the use of uniform clothing.

Today Obama claims a mandate from the electorate. I do not believe this election was that. I think IF he actually won the election, it was from different special interest groups who voted for their own special interest. Personally, I do not believe he legitimately won the election, but that seems to be a moot point since no one is questioning that other than myself.

The question I would like to consider here is, “Will conservatism disappear?”

To answer this, we must know what conservatives believe. A simple list should include:

  • Limited government control over daily life of individuals
  • Economic freedom in the form of capitalism and/or free enterprise
  • Respect for traditional social values that include morality in daily living
  • Strong respect for the Constitution
  • Adherence to the Bill of Rights and states rights

Sadly, the answer is probably, “Yes, for the most part, conservatism will disappear.” Only because liberal teachers and professors fail to teach students what conservatives actually believe and fight for, will conservatism disappear. Only because my generation is aging and will not be relevant in ten years will conservatism disappear. Only because Barack Obama has taken the office of the Presidency and declared that he has a mandate to continue spending and raise taxes will conservatism disappear. 

Will conservatism disappear completely and forever? It most definitely will not. It may take many years of difficulty and suffering, but that for which our forefathers fought and died will always be within the hearts of men and women and just as the Pioneers of the USSR grew up and realized that there is something better than a government controlled state, there will be a day when Americans will come to realize that  perhaps conservatism was worth fighting for after all.

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