American Media Should Explain Why They Chose Obama for America!

What is called “Mainstream Media” campaigned hard for Barack Obama. Usually only stories favorable to Obama were reported. If a story became so large it had to be covered, it was presented in the best light possible and as briefly as possible. His background story still hasn’t been reported. While favoring Democrats, the liberal media attacked any and all conservatives and in general aided and abetted the Democrat party and their candidates.

Without the help of media, Obama could not have taken the 2012 election. He had to have uninformed or misinformed voters. Without these uninformed voters even voting irregularities would not have been enough to defeat Romney, who was obviously able to get America back to work.

My question to CBS, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, MediaMatters, HuffPost, and many others is quite simple. Why? Why do you want Americans to continue to suffer in this poor economy? Why do you want The Affordable Healthcare Act to cripple health care in this country? Why do you want Barack Obama to stay in office although he had a dismal record and absolutely nothing in the way of accomplishments on which to run. What is your purpose? A look at today’s news shows the condition of our country’s economy:

In Framington, MA the number of people relying on the food pantry to provide groceries for Thanksgiving has increased tremendously.

But three days before Thanksgiving, the food pantry is coming up short of turkeys for everyone who walks through the door….requests for help are up 400 percent over last year.

Never before have so many Americans had to depend upon Food Stamps.

More Americans will use food stamps to buy their Thanksgiving dinner this year than ever before, according to a new report from the nonprofit government watchdog group The Sunlight Foundation.

The election is over, so those who would never report the true condition of the economy are beginning to tell us the truth.

Economic uncertainty is still haunting Americans. A week after the election, stock indexes tumbled drastically, compromising the “Wealth Effect” that the Federal Reserve is trying to achieve.

CBS, while still trying to paint a pretty picture because that is what they do for Obama, still had this report:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Services growth slowed down in October, with weaker business activity, production and new orders, according to a gauge released Monday by the Institute for Supply Management.

ABC and others report:

Hostess Brands Inc….would move to wind down its business and start selling off its assets in bankruptcy court. The company cited a crippling strike that was started on Nov. 9 by the union, which represents 30 percent of Hostess workers.

Barack Obama is a Marxists who has no idea how to run a free market society. Surely the CEOs of the news agencies listed above know this. I wonder if even one of these people could show me a Marxist’s society where media has been free and competitive. Usually, all media is shut down except that which is government-owned and controlled. With this in mind, please tell me why you support Barack Obama and his philosophy?

Here we have media in America giving up true journalism. Everyone knows this. It isn’t even debatable any more. Media, for some reason has sold its soul. But why? That is the only unanswered question.

Does anyone reading this know the answer?


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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  1. Hello Jlue! It looks like you do not realize that the elections are over. Your rant about Obama is getting old. It is time you change your tune.


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