“Lost and Found” shows promise of being very entertaining.

I, for one, have been very disappointed with Oprah Winfrey’s Network. The Lost and Found program that aired the week, however, shows promise.

The story of Edith Westerfield and Gerda Katts Frumkin brought tears to the eyes of the middle school students, (and my own), in Madison Junior High School who arranged the re-union. These precious students read how in Nazi Germany two twelve-year-old girls were put on a boat for America by their parents to save them from the horrors of Hitler and the holocaust. The girls were never to see their parents again. Edith’s parents were killed by the Nazis in Germany. Gerda refuses to share her past, even with her family, due the trauma she suffered. The girls became best friends on the ship crossing the Atlantic and bonded for a lifetime. They were united on the program after 73 years.

Oprah is to be commended for airing this program.

If you have read or listened to a Holocaust denier, perhaps you could remind them of Edith and Gerda and the countless other children who are still living today whose lives were shattered by Adolf Hitler and the horrors of Nazi Germany.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.” Psalms 122:6


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