Have liberal and progressive politicians successfully used propaganda to persuade American’s to accept their debt and fund their causes?

David Freddeso is a journalist at the ‘Washington Examiner’. Today I heard him say something that I think everyone  needs to hear and understand. I have that quote later in this post, but to preface it, I need to ask: What do you think those in this administration mean when they say, “We do not have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem?”

It seems to me that politicians are winning the propaganda game and actually convincing many American citizens that this is true. I say this because, five years ago, about 95% of the people in this country agreed that our government spends too much money.  Four years ago, almost everyone thought so. In the past three years, however, many Democrats began to think, ‘maybe we don’t spend too much’. The only reason people’s minds are changing is because of propaganda. You are insidiously being taught to believe that government should have more of the wealth and those who have earned it should hand it over quietly. Some people are now thinking that being trillions of dollars in debt to other nations isn’t so bad after all.

Here is what David Freddoso had to say:

English: President Barack Obama shakes hands w...

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Senator Chris Dodd said to me years ago that we don’t have a spending problem, it is a revenue problem. A lot of liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Tom Harkin, and Barack Obama, they look at,  although the White House has since said, “Oh, the president does think there’s a spending problem,” the philosophical world view says we are not taking enough money away. Tom Harkin says, “There’s enough money in this country, it’s just not properly allocated.” He means the people have that money out there and it is not allocated to us *(the government or politicians) so that we can spend it from here.

Never believe that the TEA Party movement was attacked because the people were racists or bigots. Nothing could be further from the truth. They were attacked and discredited because they were gaining momentum. People were agreeing that we should lower taxes and lower spending and the movement was catching on like wildfire. People, even young people, were getting the message. The Party has organized and become  politically active in other causes since the inception, but the original movement was intent upon stopping wasteful spending and lowering taxes. Here is what TEA party leaders agreed to accept as ideals for the party:

  • “To contract new debts is not the way to pay off old ones.   Avoid occasions of expense…and avoid likewise the accumulation of debt not only by shunning occasions of expense but by vigorous exertions…to discharge the debts.”  GEORGE WASHINGTON
  • Nothing can more affect national credit and prosperity than a constant and systematic attention to…extinguish the present debt and to avoid as much as possible the incurring of any new debt.”  ALEXANDER HAMILTON
  • “The maxim of buying nothing but what we have money in our pockets to pay for lays the broadest foundation for happiness.” “The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”  THOMAS JEFFERSON

Traders for Traders  gives some interesting statistics if you wish to read more about our nations spending.

Before you buy into Tom Harkin and Nancy Reid’s statements that we do not have a spending or debt problem, please ask yourself this question: “Do you think Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, and other people in Washington D.C., who are well past middle age, or that people who have never had a real job are better able to spend your money and take care of  your family than you are?” Answering this question might be easier for you if you remember that these people have become very wealthy while serving in Congress. Have you become very wealthy while they served in Congress?

If the majority of our citizens are ready to turn their pay checks over to bureaucrats in Washington D.C., I say that the answer is “Yes, liberal and progressive politicians have successfully used propaganda to persuade American’s to accept their debt and fund their causes?”

* That written in italics and parenthesis is not a part of the quote.


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  1. paolosilv says:

    I hate to have to confirm it, but there’s no doubt that Obama is a hard-core socialist. His associations were all anti-American types. And his mother married two muslim men. He’s an Internationalist. The sad thing is that people in America don’t seem to care. He may not be a full out Communist (abolition of private property), but he is a socialist (gov’t control over the Economy).
    I don’t think things will get better, but worse! He knows nothing about ‘running the economy,’ anyway. He is not a ‘liberal,” like the Kennedys, but a hard-core socialist. His friends, Bernadine Doehrn and Bill Ayers, were left-wing Marxist agitators. Jeremiah Wright, an agitator. In fact, Obama is an agitator. Things may get ugly.


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