“Thank You” to Ryan Rotelas and to Governor Rick Scott!

I feel I should take time to write a thank you note to Governor Rick Scott of Florida. He has stepped in and asked state officials to take a closer look at Florida Atlantic University and Vice Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party Deandre Poole who was teaching an intercultural communications class at the college.

English: Rick Scott, 45th Governor of Florida

English: Rick Scott, 45th Governor of Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The state curriculum manual called for an exercise in which students were directed to write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper or cardboard and then to throw the paper to the floor and stomp or walk on it.

When one student, a junior named Ryan Rotelas, refused to participate, the student was threatened with suspension from either the class or the college, it wasn’t immediately clear which. There is at least one report that, thankfully, other students refused to stomp on the name of Jesus, but Rotelas went to college officials and complained about the assignment. It was at this point that he was threatened with suspension.

Here is my take on this situation.

  • That exercise shouldn’t have been in the state curriculum or anywhere else.
  • The teacher should not have followed the curriculum.
  • Only one student objected verbally. The entire class should have stood against this ludicrous request.

Thank you Ryan Rotelas and Governor Rick Scott for taking a stand in this matter. Governor Scott’s Facebook page might be a good place to go to show appreciation.

America, when we enroll our children in public and state schools or colleges we are entrusting government with our most precious resource. Schools are state institutions, however, the federal government has taken much of the control with numerous mandates. These mandates can be and are enforced because states take federal dollars to be used for education. We must become more involved in what is being taught. There is a battle being waged for the minds of our youth.

A simple “thank you” when an official does the right thing is one way to stay involved.


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