Eric Holder, please know that ‘civil rights’ are the personal rights of individual citizens.

The words ‘civil rights’ indicates that these are rights that apply to citizens of a nation. Even legal immigrants are not guaranteed ‘civil rights’. These are reserved for citizens.

Listen to Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States, talk about immigration and citizenship in the U.S.

Doesn’t Holder know that as a nation we have always welcomed immigrants and made a pathway for legal immigrants to obtain civil rights or citizenship? Does he understand that some who come illegally come to harm us rather than to help us and that is why we set a standard for citizenship?

Americans must begin to think clearly and be able to discern truth from error and propaganda from reality if we are going to be able to remain a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. Political rhetoric is being used as propaganda and clothed in emotional  terms that have always stirred the American people to action by this administration. Everything is political in the Obama administration and there is no sense of decency or fairness when it comes to those currently in office.

Think about what Holder said and listen to the applause. He has a following who agree with him. I, however, think that we should consider the use of the term, immigration status. The use of the term indicates that there is more than one way to become an immigrate to this country. Until the Obama administration it was pretty clear that a person could enter the country one of two ways, legally or illegally. Legal immigrants automatically came with certain privileges not enjoyed by those who entered illegally because they came into the country complying with our laws and identifying themselves. They also came accepting our “pathway to citizenship” that has been established for all who sincerely want to be citizens of this great nation.

Obama changed the terminology from “illegal” to “undocumented”. Most Americans caught on quickly that “undocumented” meant literally, “illegal”, so now it has been changed again to “unauthorized”.

If this is confusing to you, you might once again consider the term ‘civil’ rights.  Clear thinking is essential if we are to remain a free nation. Who is guaranteed civil rights under our constitution? – (citizens) Who is guaranteed a pathway to citizenship? – (those who come here seeking citizenship) If we decide as a nation to offer a pathway to any other group we as a nation are being generous and kind, but it should not be described as their “civil right!”

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