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And Jesus came, and spoke to them, saying, “All power is given to me in heaven and upon earth.” Matthew 28:18

Why, if Jesus is God, was power given to Him? Didn’t God already have all power from the beginning?

This question must be answered for those people who are being approached by the cult called ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ (if the person was willing to listen to their heresy.) Here is where the doubting usually begins and it is essential that the question be answered correctly.

I am going to restate the question before we look at the answer.

Why, if Jesus is God, was power given to Him? Didn’t God already have all power from the beginning?

Before I quote the experts, I want to give my own belief on this subject. I believe, based on verses such as Ephesians 2:2 […according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience…] that Satan was allowed certain powers by God due to man’s disobedience. I believe that only when God, in the Person of Jesus Christ, came and overpowered Satan by bearing our sin burden and overcoming death did Satan lose that Power. I believe that God the Son willingly limited Himself when He came in the form of a man and that God the Father held power that had once been held by all of the Godhead. I think that God in the Person of the Father restored Power to the Son when He overcame sin and death by dying on the cross and being resurrected. He paid the price for our sin and I do not think we fully understand the cost of that sacrifice. I believe in what the Bible refers to as the eternal Godhead, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

At Gateway.Com there is a much clearer explanation given concerning Matthew 28:18 by explaining how Christ won the victory over all with His death, burial, and resurrection. Christ Victorious

Matthew Henry says:

As God, equal with the Father, all power was originally and essentially his; but as Mediator, as God-man, all power was given him; partly in recompense of his work (because he humbled himself, therefore God thus exalted him), and partly in pursuance of his design; he had this power given him over all flesh, that he might give eternal life to as many as were given him (John 17:2), for the more effectual carrying on and completing our salvation. This power he was now more signally invested in, upon his resurrection, Acts 13:3. He had power before, power to forgive sins (Matt. 9:6); but now all power is given him. He is now going to receive for himself a kingdom (Luke 19:12), to sit down at the right hand, Ps. 110:1. Having purchased it, nothing remains but to take possession; it is his own for ever. (2.) Where he has this power; in heaven and earth, comprehending the universe. Christ is the sole universal Monarch, he is Lord of all, Acts 10:36. He has all power in heaven. He has power of dominion over the angels, they are all his humble servants, Eph. 1:20, 21. He has power of intercession with his Father, in the virtue of his satisfaction and atonement; he intercedes, not as a suppliant, but as a demandant; Father, I will. He has all power on earth too; having prevailed with God, by the sacrifice of atonement, he prevails with men, and deals with them as one having authority, by the ministry of reconciliation. He is indeed, in all causes and over all persons, supreme Moderator and Governor. By him kings reign. All souls are his, and to him every heart and knee must bow, and every tongue confess him to be the Lord. This our Lord Jesus tells them, not only to satisfy them of the authority he had to commission them, and to bring them out in the execution of their commission, but to take off the offence of the cross; they had no reason to be ashamed of Christ crucified, when they saw him thus glorified.

Most Bible commentaries agree that God the Father held some of Christ power during His time of  humiliation on earth and that immediately upon His death and resurrection, when the temple veil was rent, the power was returned to the Christ; thus:

And Jesus came, and spoke to them, saying, “All power is given to me in heaven and upon earth.” Matthew 28:18

Of course, those who do not want to subject themselves to this power will refuse to do so and will suffer eternal condemnation.

Zechariah 2:8-13 tells of the coming of the Messiah. Remember that only God will have all authority in heaven and on earth. Praise the Lord Amen… from Ashok


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