Is Zechariah Describing Nuclear War in Chapter 14, Verse 12?

As we see war in the Middle East, the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Assad, and our own president wanting to take punitive action against Assad, we recognize that we are living in troubling and uncertain times.

The United States has been a Christian beacon for two and a half centuries, but today our ruling president, Barack Obama, says we are not Christian and never condemns Assad’s mistreatment of Christians or gives this as a reason for invading Syria. Obama has not been concerned about the threat Assad, or anyone in the Middle East, poses to the nation of Israel.

Still, two things are certain. Judgement will come upon those who fight against Jerusalem and the church of our Living Lord will be triumphant.


Jerusalem (Photo credit: swallroth)

Read God’s word on the subjects:

And this shall be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem:

Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, and their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths… Zechariah 14:12

“And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…”  Matthew 16:19

One cannot help but notice the description of this battle against those coming against Jerusalem. It sounds remarkably like nuclear war. Even one hundred years ago, few people could imagine this kind of result from one bomb. Today we know this is what happens in atomic warfare. Will Assad usher in the war to end all wars with his use of chemical weapons? Could this be the end result if a war is begun with Syria and Israel allies with the USA?  Could this happen even if we do not become involved.

The prophecy may not be fulfilled until the battle at Gog and Magog:

7 And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from his prison 8 and will come out to deceive the nations that are at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle; their number is like the sand of the sea. Revelation 20:7-8

Times are difficult to know as they are in the hands of our Father, but we can be sure that the LORD GOD will do what He has said He would do. He follows through with what He plans and He has plans for His people. He planned His creation, He planned our redemption, and He has plans for His return:

May God open the eyes of every reader to the “blessed hope, the glorious appearing of the Great God and our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Titus 2:13


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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5 Responses to Is Zechariah Describing Nuclear War in Chapter 14, Verse 12?

  1. smijer says:

    What translation are you using for Zech 14?


  2. Josef says:

    Thank you Jlue for your warm welcome. What I love about Jesus is that He is stll seeking to save those who are lost! What wondrous grace and truth is found in Him.

    You are so right Jlue and using your time wisely. Being able to share Christ and meeting fellow Christians are at the top of my list of good things too.

    I also love the prayer Come, Lord Jesus, even so, come !

    Certainly we are living in perilous times and at some point the whole of the middle East will become embroiled in war. Let’s all pray to live even more purely before the lover of our soul.


    • jlue says:

      Josef, That is a beautiful prayer and one that I will pray. I, too, want the Lord to come back soon, but then I remember those who are not ready for His return and I hope that He tarries until they put their trust in Him.


  3. Josef Sefton says:

    Jlue, I love how you communicate your desire to rescue the as yet unsaved. I think the most important thing is for all of us to commit ourself to loving the Lord more and more, for the more we love Him the more He will bless us with the fervent desire to pray for His soon return.

    Many of those we love are more stubborn than we are, so we must be very pro active in word, deed and prayer on their behalf.

    Jlue, may Our great Lord continue to bless you body, soul and spirit to His glory.


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