Will Americans hear Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare?

For some time now, I have said we live in an up-side-down world in the USA. This is what Dr. Ben Carson has said about our Healthcare system.  He is right.

Cover of "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson St...

Cover of Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Dr. Benjamin Carson is a highly successful doctor who pioneered in successfully separating conjoined twins. He was raised in a single parent home. His mother could not read. He was failing in school when something amazing happened. Dr. Carson’s mother decided that she was not willing for her son to fail. His story is recorded in the movie, Gifted Hands.

Today, thanks to this wonderful woman and Dr. Carson’s relationship with the Lord, our country could be helped as well.

Dr. Carson suggest that health savings accounts be begun for everybody starting at birth.

It sounds simple, but here is what the Dr. says about his suggestion:

The reason that I proposed health savings accounts for everybody starting at birth, is because you very quickly accumulate an amount of money that you can use for your interactions with those health care providers. Also, you develop a very good doctor-patient relationship and also because you now have some responsibility for that account, you’re going to be looking for good bargains. Other people are going to be making sure that they provide good bargains. You bring the whole health care system into the free market. And that’s going to help to control cost as well.

For more information, read Dr. Ben Carson in Retrospect on Powerline.


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