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Will smart phones make us dumber?

Do smart phones in the hand of dumbies just accentuate the dumbness of the holder or do they have the opposite effect? There is even a site for Instruction Manuals for Smart Phones Not Available. Continue reading


Ronnie Milsap on the Grand Ole Opry

My all time favorite secular entertainer – Ronnie Milsap. This is his most beautiful song. I missed his ‘Grand Ole Opry’ appearance, but we can enjoy it via YouTube. His biography, “Almost Like a Song” (1990), is  interesting.

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Benghazi & Terrorism – What difference can the truth make?

The date 9/11 has come to mean “attack” day for Americans. Most of us think of New York,  Twin Towers and murdered Americans when we hear the term 9/11, but will anyone remember another 9/11 or Hillary Clinton’s infamous words … Continue reading

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Information relevant to those who claim the Kings James Bible to be mistranslated as part of a conspiracy to promote the Trinity.

This post contains information that should be considered by those who think the King James translation of the Bible was a conspiracy by the church to promote the doctrine of the Trinity. Continue reading

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Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New…


Let our prayer for 2014 be: Peace on earth, good will to men. So beautiful! Continue reading

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