Will smart phones make us dumber?

Do smart phones in the hand of dummies just accentuate the dumbness of the holder or do they have the opposite effect? Is it possible for a phone to raise people’s perception of others?

Are smart phones made for smart people only? What do you think?

Here’s a paragraph written about Samsung’s new Android phone:

But as the devices get more sophisticated — Samsung’s new Android phones recognize “air gestures,” which amount to waving hands above the screen — there are hordes of users who can barely keep up. Sixty-two percent of Americans now own a smartphone, a Gallup poll shows. For many of them, smartphones are confounding and intimidating, and they often wind up just using the phones as expensive cameras that can make calls — if they don’t hide the phone icon by accident.

Phones aren’t really smart or dumb. People are usually one or the other. The phone represents the work of the brightest among us and enables those of us who are less brilliant to enjoy knowledge without actually having the skills once needed to acquire this knowledge.

Even so, I think we will ultimately rise or sink to our own level. The more capable will know how to take the gift of the ‘smart’ phone and use it to an advantage while others may continue to look for a game of chance another game of choice.

As for myself, I am hoping for time with a grandchild soon.  Today’s generation seems to be smart enough to make ‘smart phones’ but too dumb to write instruction manuals.  I stand corrected, perhaps manuals are written if one is smart enough to locate the manual. There is even a site for Instruction Manuals for Smart Phones Not Available.

Smart Phone Blogs exists that offer help for the helpless, also.


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