You have to see this! There are moments in history that must be remembered…

Just as we must remember the Holocaust, I think we should remember not only ‘The Berlin Wall and why it was built, but also why it was torn down.

As time passes more and more people are living who do not even remember ‘the wall’.

Imagine a wall that separates a city where citizens are forbidden to go over the wall, even though they live in the same country; the same city!

It seems to me that perhaps those of us who grew up knowing of the “Iron Curtain” and knowing about the “Berlin Wall”, better understand that we in America should be more carefully guarding freedoms.

The wall was built at the end of the fighting of WWII. It was built by Communists in August 1961 to keep Germans from escaping Communist-dominated East Berlin into Democratic West Berlin.

Two days after sealing off free passage between East and West Berlin with barbed wire, East German authorities begin building a wall–the Berlin Wall–to permanently close off access to the West. For the next 28 years, the heavily fortified Berlin Wall stood as the most tangible symbol of the Cold War–a literal “iron curtain” dividing Europe.

Sometimes, events are horrendous and painful to remember, but sometimes they are noble and right. The latter is true of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. President Ronald Reagan will be remembered for his speech made 24 years after the building of the wall. He challenged the Communists in power to tear down the wall – and they did. For many he stands as a heroic figure who was willing to take a stand that needed to be taken on the issue of freedom.

The story is found at The History Place, Great Speeches Collections, Tear Down That Wall.


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