When they are silent, who will speak?

There are still a few people living who remember. In a few years they will all be gone.

Learn about survivors and victims. Acquaint yourself with their stories.

[photo] Jeannine Burk shares her story.

It is up to each generation to be sure that these stories are never forgotten and that what happened in Europe during WWII never happens again.



Anne did  her part. She kept a diary during difficult days.

Anne Frank Biography


Most people recognize Anne Franks because she wrote a diary.

We must each ask ourselves what can I do to make sure the world never forgets.

The United States Holocaust Museum accepts donations and  you can visit them on Facebook.

Today Christians and  their children are suffering around the world. Courage can be found wherever suffering is found. Pray for courage to stand with the suffering.

When those who lived during WWII are no longer with us, then we must be sure that the world does not forget.


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