ALMA captures close-up picture of God’s handiwork…

Scientists and Media are bragging about something spectacular, but it isn’t God’s magnificent handiwork.  It is a telescope, ALMA, used to take a picture of a star forming in outer space. Planets are already orbiting the star.

The important part of the story, shown in the video and quote below, is mentioned almost as an afterthought. If you watch the video to completion and listen carefully, you will hear the moderator say concerning the formation of planets, “This process may happen much faster than previously thought possible.” This new finding shows theories that have been taught as factual to be in error, but no mention was made of this.  Instead you hear:

One of the most powerful telescopes in the world is showing off. Scientists at the ALMA telescope in Chile released a new image that has astronomers raving.

What you’re looking at isn’t an artist’s impression, it’s an actual image taken of what appears to be planets forming in the disk around a baby star.

Who should receive glory, the camera that takes a picture of a magnificent star or the One who creates the star?

Psalm 97:6 The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see His glory.


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