Let’s Try Helping Melissa Rather then ‘Blaming Melissa’

CBS recently aired a show on ’48 Hours’ entitled “Blaming Melissa”.  After  watching the entire show, I had trouble falling asleep, and I frequently watch shows of this type. Many times I wonder if the jury could have made a mistake,  but rarely am I so disturbed by a conviction  that I  feel an  injustice has  been done and that Americans watching should speak out or speak up on behalf of the defendant.

Melissa Calusinski is described as a little slow verbally. She was accused and convicted of causing the death of a sixteen month old child in the day-care where she worked.  Her story recently aired on CBS’s, ’48 Hours’. There her entire story is told and during the show, we are given the chance to watch her being interrogated, something the jury did not get to see in its entirety.  The interrogation was truly unbelievable. Melissa said 79 times that she did nothing to harm young Ben Kingan, however, after being verbally battered for hours she began to say that she needed to go home to feed her puppy.  She was told that if she would co-operate,  they  could  all  “move on.” She told them she was trying “to help them.” Those who were interrogating her put words in her mouth and she eventually ‘confessed.’

Everything I saw and everything about this case seems to indicate that an injustice has been done.  With the evidence brought to light by the new coroner’s report that completely exonerates her, a new trial has been requested for Melissa.

Just recently her most recent appeal for a new trial was denied. The ‘powers that be’ are content to live with the injustice. Melissa needs the help of the American people.

If you would like to write a letter on her behalf, the only person I could find to contact is Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim at this address:


Will you please check this out and let’s attempt to help Melissa get a new trial.



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