Was Donald Trump right in not responding to the charge that Obama is a Muslim?

Whose job is it to defend Obama against the charge of being a Muslim? If, as Obama and the Democrats say, Islam is for the most part a peace-loving religion, why are they insulted by Donald Trump not “defending the president” when he is called a Muslim? Why would anyone believe Obama to be Muslim, anyway? What do you think? (Please vote!)

Most people know that I am not a Donald Trump fan. It isn’t that I dislike what he says, it is just that I do not admire his often juvenile behavior. Media seems to believe that his failure to defend the president against the charge of being Muslim will destroy Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination, if he ever actually had a chance. On this one, I have a very different opinion. If 54% of the Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim and 10%  of Democrats believe he is Muslim, there must be a reason!

Only 45 percent of Democrats identified Obama as a Christian, though only 10 percent said that they believe he is a Muslim. Twenty-six percent said that they do not know what religion the president is, and 17 percent said they believe he’s “spiritual.”

Shouldn’t either Obama, himself, or at the least Democrats be the ones to defend Obama against the charge of being Muslim if they truly believe it is a bad thing?

Maybe we should look at why people believe him to be Muslim.

  • One reason is that he refuses to use the phrase, Islamic terrorism.
  • The way he treated the threat and subsequent death of Americans at Benghazi is another reason.
  • It certainly did not help that while Iranians shouted “Death to Israel”- “Death to America” Obama was negotiating with Iran, signing a deal that funded Iran, and did nothing to get our hostages out of Iran. The deal is one which many say gives Iran a better chance to obtain nuclear weapons.
  • There have been multiple instances of Obama showing favor to Muslim-Americans. Here is a young man who noticed this and tells how it appears to him:

Regardless of the varied reasons, the question remains in the minds of many Americans, “Just who is Barack Hussein Obama?”

My question in all of this is, should Donald Trump lose support because a person in his audience called Barack Obama a Muslim and Trump did not “defend” Obama?




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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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4 Responses to Was Donald Trump right in not responding to the charge that Obama is a Muslim?

  1. Hey jlue, Obama is not running for anything. So, the Muslim card which you guys are trying to pull will never work. As a matter of fact, the American people rejected it twice.


    • jlue says:

      Hello Noel, Truthfully, I am not interested in “playing the Muslim card”. You are right, Obama isn’t running, but the question is about him and a Republican is in trouble with the powerful “Media” for not refuting that the president is a Muslim. Some in the media say it is a reason for derailing his candidacy. This bothers me on several levels. First, since for many years we have been told that Islam is a legitimate, peaceful religion for the most part, why are Democrats and the liberal media making such a huge deal out of Trump’s failure to address the person’s statement? Isn’t this in and of itself an insult to Muslims?

      Secondly, most intellectually honest people know that President Obama seems to be more tolerant of Muslims than Christians, for whatever reason. Perhaps he thinks this is the way to win them to Christianity, but I doubt that since they are radically opposed to homosexual behavior. I don’t know and am not making a judgement on why he does what he does, but rather than attack someone and demand that he “defend” the president, would it not speak well of the President’s party for them to realize that this is an observation rather than an accusation? Since Democrats value tolerance to such a degree, I find it interesting. I have spent lots of time attempting to figure out why Obama does what he does and quite frankly, I cannot figure it out, but this seems to be an issue in the campaign at this point.

      Maybe it is just a part of the political slime pit. Ben Carson noted that he would not be in this ‘slime pit’ if he did not care for future generations.

      Given Obama’s belief that people of the same gender can engage in marriage, I doubt he is a Muslim.

      What do you think is going on?


      • Come on jlue! Do you really think Trump is a serious presidential candidate? His job was to spice things and then get out.


      • jlue says:

        Who knows about Trump? He certainly isn’t my favorite, in fact, he is probably next to last on my list of the Republican candidates. I love Ben Carson and think he would be best, but I fear he has peaked. I wish we could elect a person who isn’t a politician, who is brilliant, thoughtful and just a very good person. I am praying that America will get behind a candidate who will help turn the hearts of the people back to the Lord God.

        I am fascinated by politics, but I agree with Ben that most of what is done is pretty slimy. My sweet, 94 year old mother says if a man isn’t crooked when he goes into politics, he will be when he comes out. I hope there will be an exception if we do elect Carson!


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