Dr. Carson effectively causes ABC moderator to change the subject…

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, September 27, 2015. He was questioned directly concerning his statement that he would not advocate a Muslim in the White House. He willingly discussed the topic and so did the moderator UNTIL Dr. Carson made the following statements. The moderator then interrupted him to change the subject. 🙂

“What I would like for someone to show me is an approved Islamic text that opposes Sharia. If you can show me that, I will begin to alter my thinking on this. But right now, when you have something that’s against the rights of women, against the rights of gays, subjugates other religions, and a host of things that aren’t compatible with our constitution, why in fact would you take that chance?”

At this point, instead of responding to Dr. Carson’s question, the moderator felt the need to move on to another subject.

Dr Carson, a man who answers with wisdom and courage, is pictured here with his mother.


I wonder. How many people who are reading this, who know and understand what Sharia Law is all about, actually agree with Dr. Carson?


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