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Garrett Swasey’s Christian testimony in Colorado Springs

Not just courageous, but Christlike,” said church co-pastor Scott Dontanville.
“He would want us to forgive this man (the gunman) and to go on with our lives,” Dontanville said. Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson’s wise decision to visit Syrian refugees

In order to better understand the Syrian crises Dr. Ben Carson did what few have done. He traveled to Jordan to meet with Syrian refugees. He should receive praise for doing this! Dr. Carson has not been praised by the … Continue reading

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Mainstream media is beginning to sound like Fox News

It is sad that our president is more concerned with his narrative than with protecting our nation or Christians around the world and that he is more concerned with doing what Rahm Emmanuel has done, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Continue reading

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What can be done to help Syrian refugees?

Perhaps at Christmas this year, rather than buying gifts no one needs, we could all contribute to Syrian refugee relief. Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson defeats Hillary Clinton according to Quinnipiac poll 52-38

Dr. Carson may realize that he is here for such a time as this. Continue reading

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Where should America turn when threatened by ISIS?

As we are being threatened by forces who want to destroy, I think we should remember what the Psalmist wrote. Continue reading

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Keely Mullen, Could you help me with a few questions I have?

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
― Margaret Thatcher Continue reading

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