Bill had Ross Perot – Hillary has Donald Trump. But what is the real motive?

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They seem to be taking different paths, but the end results could be very similar.

Remember how Ross Perot kept a Bush out of the White House while Bill Clinton won the election? Clinton would not have won without Perot. If Trump had run as a third-party candidate, this race may have looked very similar to 1992. In fact, without Trump, I wonder how high Jeb Bush would be in the polls today? There is no question that Trump’s attacks against Bush have hurt his standing.

But, it is hard to drop out and run on a third-party ticket when you are the front-runner for months.

Donald Trump probably never expected to be so popular, or to be front-runner for so long. Who would have thought so with the kind of things he has said? (Almost daring the electorate to turn on him.) He most likely thought he would be the third-party candidate who would keep Jeb Bush out of the White House and put Hillary Clinton inside.

If you are the front-runner and can’t drop out, what is the next best thing to do? Take Jeb Bush out as an opponent! Perhaps Donald Trump isn’t as interested in putting Hillary Clinton in as he is in taking Jeb Bush out! Trump doesn’t like Obama and he was actually nice to the other candidates during the debate on CNN – hum? I wonder….?

I’m not sure whether Ross Perot wanted to take down a Bush or lift up a Clinton. I suppose it is possible he thought he really could win. But Donald Trump seems to be saying things that would, under normal circumstances, end any candidacy. So what is his motive?

What do you think?


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