Ashley Feinberg – Maybe she didn’t understand…

If you were in a doctor’s office waiting room and you did not hear your name called due to the noise, would you expect the technician to call you again or ignore you and move on to the next patient?

Ashley Feinberg wrote a biased post on her web-site called The Gawker.  In it she slammed all Republicans saying they could not even get walking out on the stage right after the ABC debacle Saturday night.


I say it appeared that ABC didn’t get it right and the confusion wasn’t caused by Republicans, but rather by ABC planning to begin the debate on that note. Think about it. The announcer spoke Ben Carson’s name in a low tone while the audience was still applauding. I wasn’t sure I heard it either. When Dr. Carson failed to walk out, they called the next candidate. They also, for possibly the first time in history, had a camera focused on the wings so that the nation would see the candidates walk out. Were these all chance happenings? I don’t think so.

What should professionals in charge of a national debate do? They should wait for the noise to subside before calling a second name. Since they did not, when Dr. Carson did not appear on stage, they should have repeated his name and waited for his appearance before calling the next name. Of course this would have solved any or all problems. Possibly the sound wasn’t as good in the wings. Donald Trump  didn’t walk out either, but he may have been polite when he saw that Dr. Carson had not proceeded and waited for the announcer to get it right.

In my opinion, this appeared to be ABC’s failure, not the GOP’s.

Dr. Ben Carson is not only an intellectual, a highly skilled surgeon, and a man of faith, but he is also a good man. Sites like TPM say “Dr. Carson Caused Traffic Jam.” Carson hasn’t used the term ‘racist’ once during his campaign. I have seen many things that make me wonder would he be treated this way if the person or persons doing it were not racist!

Even with the questions that seemed designed to pit the candidates against one another, (something I do not see during a Democrat debate), I thought the candidates did a good job of getting their views across.


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