What has happened to the Republican Party?

Many people are shaking their heads and wondering why the Republicans are not a shoo-in this election year. With the dissatisfaction people are feeling, along with our debt and the state of the union, the leading Republican nominee should be ahead in the polls. Republicans should win by a landslide in November. Yet the polls show Hillary defeating the leading candidate, Donald Trump.

It seems to me that the GOP’s biggest mistake is allowing many states to have ‘open primaries.’

When speaking of open primaries on The Free Republic, A’elian’ nation said, “It’s like having a death wish….” They are absolutely correct, and this year it appears that we are seeing the wish come true.

Do you believe that open primaries have destroyed the Republican Party?

Open primaries are primaries in which any candidate from any party can vote for the Republican candidate who will run in the general election. If it sounds insane, maybe that’s because it is. Why should anyone who isn’t a true Republican have a say in who the party chooses to run?

Open primaries gave us Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, and John McCain. We all know how those elections turned out.

Since the Reagan presidency, democrats have realized their best chance of winning the White House has been to cripple their opposition. Since conservative principles win, liberals cannot; that is unless something other than principle comes into play.* So what do they do? Democrats have learned to use the same method the Greeks used when they built the Trojan Horse. They come in, in disguise, and destroy from the inside. Even now, Trump acknowledges his support is coming from Democrats. He claims to think this is good, but the polls show every Republican, including Marco Rubio, has a better chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in the fall than Donald Trump.

If you do not believe Democrats are turning out in huge numbers to vote for Trump in the open primary states, read the comment sections on any political site. It is easy to spot a democrat. Does this mean they will vote for him in November. I don’t think so.

The question isn’t, “Why would Democrats resort to such methods?” We all know why! The question is why have Republicans not closed this ridiculous loophole? This is the first year that the Republican establishment seems to comprehend the true consequences of the open primary.

What we need in the USA is a Conservative Party with real Conservatives at the helm, but even if we never again have a political party that supports the Constitution and stands for Christian values, we must remember that our faith isn’t in a government. Our faith is in God.

*Obama was able to win because Republicans had a weak candidate and he was the first black candidate to run.



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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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