Can Donald Trump hang his albatross around the neck of every Republican candidate?

Yesterday was convenient timing when Donald Trump met with the RNC. He had a purpose, but I do not believe the purpose to be “unity” to save the party.

Here is how I see it. If Donald Trump can cozy up to the RNC (the party he has bad-mouthed) at this time, he will be more successful in hanging his hateful philosophies and remarks on the entire party and every candidate they might support.

Wouldn’t this be insurance for the Democratic nominee?

The Democrats were able to conjure up a fake “War on Women” mantra during the last two campaigns and as ridiculous as it was, this helped them win. What better way to destroy the Republican party than to have a man claiming to represent them actually start a war by saying women should be prosecuted for having abortions. That statement will be heard many more times than his “reversal”.

This has never been a Republican position or a pro-life position as ‘American’s United for Life’ has stated, and fighting for the unborn has nothing to do with punishing mothers. Those who want the baby to be given life support adoption and not abortion and also realize the mother is also a victim. A real pro-life person would have known this.

Clarke D. Forsythe AUL Senior Counsel tells Why The United States Did Not Prosecute Women for Abortion Before Roe vs Wade

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This depends upon the prayers of Christians, the mercies of God, and the willingness of voters to listen to reason.  I am not saying that “God is a Republican” because God is not a political Person. I am saying that the Republicans have stood against some of the evil as moral decay has crept into our society and when this platform is destroyed, it will be a big loss. God is able, however, to raise up those who will carry the standard. If this happens, Christians should remember, Republicans cannot save us. God is our Savior.



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