What will happen if a candidate’s candidacy destroys a political party?

My late Mother-in-law, a God-fearing, Bible believing woman, often said, “Our ‘rights’ are killing us.”

What did she mean by this? I think she recognized that when we decide there are no limits on what we have a ‘right’ to do we are choosing to walk into bondage. There are limits, even in a free society.

We are seeing how the idea of freedom or ‘rights’ is being used today to destroy and not to build. Before going there, however, let’s look at what happened in Germany.

Germany, under the Weimar Constitution of 1919, had “42 articles given over to a bill of fundamental rights in the traditional sense and an additional 15 given to economic rights.”* The German people had the right to vote. The Reichstag was the basic lawmaking body and the Reichsrat which consisted of representatives from each ‘state’ or Land, was meant to represent the people’s interest. There were several active political groups or parties in Germany after 1919 including the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. This party, the National Socialist Party, enlisted Hitler to join their ranks. Under Hitler’s leadership, the Nazi movement began to grow popular and in 1932, the party won more seats in Reichstag than any other party.


Thus Hitler was able to take control.

How does this relate to America and what is happening in our process today? We have two major political parties. We have minor parties as well, but they have very limited membership and power. All parties are legal and all may run candidates for the presidency. We are, however, seeing a first! For the first time in our history we have a candidate whose candidacy appears to be destroying one of the major parties  under whose name he is seeking to be elected.  It is also, the only real opposition to the liberal-progressive ideology that is prevalent in Washington DC. It is happening because of an idea that every American has a “right” to vote to decide who the Republicans will run on the Republican ticket. This idea is touted by most of Trump’s supporters. (I think Donald Trump could explain this and save the party if he so chose.)

Here are some important facts some seem to have forgotten:

Republicans, by getting involved with like-minded people, have established a party which works to elect candidates who hold the following values: 1. maintaining strong states rights 2. pro-life or rights for the unborn 3. limited government 4. lowering tax rates for all people 5. support of our allies, especially Israel, in the Middle East 6. a strong defense militarily 7. lifting people out of poverty through a strong economy 8.energy independence.

Parties are important because they give all Americans a real choice in November when the actual election is held.

Each party in the USA has guidelines by which they nominate a candidate.

To destroy the Republican party because one man wants to have power is a very frightening development, in my opinion, and a step toward totalitarian government.

Perhaps some will say that Mr. Trump wants only to reshape the party. I see this as dangerous, as well. It could result in giving the power into the hands of an all-powerful Democrat party. If he is not in agreement with the Republican Party, should he not seek to establish a party or find one that already exists with whom he can agree? We need to build, not destroy. We should give people more choices, not fewer.

Please know that I am not saying that Donald Trump is in any way comparable to Hitler. I am simply saying that attacking the Republican party during his campaign is bad for the USA!

*Modern Governments, second edition; D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey; 1962


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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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