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Happiness becomes real when it is shared.

My advice to young people today is trust the Lord enough to seek Him and serve Him and marry the person He selects for you. That will make all the difference. Continue reading

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God said, “This is My name forever.”

When we consider the works and magnitude of our Creator God who Redeemed us, how wonderful it is that He would make Himself known to us! Continue reading

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What happens when God’s people pray…

Cook County, Kentucky is a present-day example of what happens when God’s people pray. The story is available at Prayer Connection. The DVD documentary trailer offers a glimpse into what happened, but the entire documentary must be viewed to get the full impact … Continue reading

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Even when God cannot bless America, God still loves His people…

If we fear God, trust Him and obey Him, we will be found in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God will hear our prayers for personal deliverance and carry us through, but that does not mean He will continue to deliver a nation that has turned it’s back on the Living Word of God, has disobeyed Him and refused to honor His written word and His living Word. Continue reading

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Her precious smile, lovely voice, Christian songs, and sweetness will be missed by all who knew and loved her. I am one of those. Continue reading

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Tolerance vs Truth

I wonder if these same students would tolerate me if I decided that I am a professor at Washington University and that it is a Bible College? Would they allow me to stand and preach the from the Bible for 50 minutes? Continue reading

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