Obama’s ‘decree’ can mean new found freedom for America!


Maxwell Anderson said at Valley Forge, “This liberty will look easy by and by when nobody dies to get it.”

It wasn’t easy to win freedom from tyranny, nor was it simple to establish a free republic. The question today is how do we maintain this freedom?

One thing is certain! It isn’t by yielding to “decrees” just to keep federal dollars!

“The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.” Proverbs 22:7

When a person, a community, or a system depends upon funding from another, they are no longer free. The one who holds the purse-strings makes the rules (laws). Our education is controlled by the politicians who are currently in power in the Federal government when schools are dependent upon federal funds.


The state of Texas has announced that they will give up Federal money rather than giving up gender specific restrooms as Obama decreed states must do. This could be the best thing since the inception of public education if ALL states will follow suit. It is preferable to filing law-suits to avoid the “decree.”

We have recognized a need for local control in education for a long time and this is a great incentive for a this to happen.

We take back our freedom by not accepting money from Uncle Sam.


How will schools, or education, be funded if states are bold enough to end Federal funding?

There is a way! Eventually tax dollars must be diverted to states, but until then we can be creative. Public education has taught our children to hate the 1% of America’s wealthiest people. This is a great opportunity for the 1% to become involved in the battle in a positive way and invest in the young people of America. There is money to fund the schools if people who have money realize the need and stand in the gap. A grass-roots movement can also raise millions in state-wide initiatives.

It can be done!


Call your governors and representatives and suggest they stop taking federal funding for education! We will need to fund our schools locally, however. Freedom comes with a cost.

Begin with everyone in your community and start a drive to fund schools at the local level.

Contact the wealthy and ask for their support in this fight.

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