Happy Birthday Jerry Brandon Smith!

Forty-four years ago I recall where I was and with whom. It was a special day in my life and I will never forget the wonder of giving birth to my son, for whom I prayed.

Jerry, you are a blessing in my life and to our family. I thank God for hearing and answering my prayer.

Jerry B. BabyWe had already been blessed with two beautiful girls.

It seemed to me a son would make our family complete. As I thought of the story of Hannah in the book of Samuel, I decided to ask God for a boy. It was about ten months later when You arrived. I know God heard and answered my prayer. Your dad was so proud.

I also prayed that you would grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

You certainly have grown and you are a very loving and giving person.

Our girls had their first pictures with a photographer at age three months. I took you at age three months. I waited and waited for the pictures, but they did not come. My heart hurt when I got a notice from the photographer over a month later that there had been no film in the camera. He apologized, but there was no going back to age 3 mos. Instead we have this picture.

IMG_0369[1]I am thankful for this one!

As our family grew, we learned that you were a child with many talents. You have a remarkable ability to learn and retain information. You have a sense of humor!  (Didn’t get these traits from Mom.)  🙂

By school age we found that you were not only smart and funny, you had a way with the ladies. More than one love-note was found among your school papers.

IMG_0372[1]You often told your teachers jokes and they usually got back to me sooner or later as I taught at the school you attended from Kindergarten till grade three.

When you came home from Kindergarten one day and shared with me that you had kissed a girl named Lin during nap-time I asked you what she did. You said she jumped off her mat and shook her fist saying, “Why you, I’ll get you for this!” We both thought that was pretty funny.

Jerry B., you were a good student and played trumpet in Lakeview-Fort Oglethrope High School’s Warrior Marching Band and Jazz Band.

Time has a way of slipping by and those happy carefree days are gone. They have been replaced with days filled with cares of the world. As hard as you work, you still make time for family and your smile and humor have remained. You are good at everything you do!

IMG_2565You like to sail, listen to music, play guitar, enjoy time with grand-children, and spending time with your beautiful wife.

July 3, 1972 was one of the happiest days of my life.

Happy Birthday my son. I will always love you and never stop praying for you.




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