American Ingenuity – Marketing and Survival

When I was very young, I recall being in a grocery store with my mother. She and I looked at each bag of flour to select the pattern of the material that we thought was prettiest and would look best when made into a dress. In the rural south, many people did this each time they shopped for flour or feed.

Some of the dresses here are probably from flour sack material. I'm the barefoot one of the bunch.

Some of the dresses here are probably from flour sack material. I’m the barefoot one of the bunch.


Using decorative cloth is a perfect example of great marketing and early recycling.
Shouldn’t the name of the person who came up with this idea for practical clothing be remembered in our history?
Apparently that name was never recorded….

imageOnly a few people are still around today who lived through the Great Depression.  Lessons learned during this difficult period of our history have remained.

While Americans struggled through years of poverty, they prospered in ideas. Many developed strength of character and learned survival skills. Clothes were expensive, however, children did not go without attractive clothing once feed and flour began to be sold in decorative flour.

Related image People had to have flour and feed for their stock. It was a great blessing to be able to use the material for clothing!

According to the Kindness Blog, selling flour in decorative material was, among other things, a historical kindness. I agree.

Image result for decorative flour sacks of the 1930s Many home makers chose a bag of flour because of the fabric from which the bag was made.
It is possible that many Americans today still have a piece of one of these bags, or perhaps many pieces. Do you have a patchwork quilt made by an ancestor who was an adult during that era? If so, there is a good chance it has blocks made from a feed bag or flour sack.
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