Important lessons learned from the book of Job… Chapters 1-21.

The Book of Job

Many times the book of Job distresses readers. Even though difficult, it is also a book rich in lessons. God did not allow Job’s suffering on a whim just to impress Satan. As always, God had a purpose that included giving us understanding.

Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book! Job 19:23

Others have shared important truths and lessons we can learn from the study of Job as shown by these Seven lessons from the book of Job as written By John H. Ogwyn. In this post, we will look at less obvious truths.

Some are simple, others, profound!

In chapter one:

1) We learn that people celebrated on certain days, probably on birthdays, even long ago. Job 1:4

2) Job knew that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. He offered sacrifices for his entire family. Job 1:5

3) God considered Job to be an upright man. (Being upright isn’t the same as being perfect as we see further along in the book.) Job 1:8

4) Satan cannot touch God’s  people without permission from God because God does place a hedge around His own.  Job 1:10-11

Throughout Job, there are many truths to discover.

1) Even though Job was ‘upright’, he could not stand before God on his own merit. Job needed God’s mercy and grace. Job 9:1, 10, 28, 30

2) People in Job’s day made the same mistake we sometimes make; they judged Job as being less righteous than themselves because Job was suffering and they weren’t. Job 11:2-5 Job understood that they where wrong to believe ‘good’ men never suffer. Job 11:14, 12:3, 13:2, 13:10

3) Job’s family and friends deserted him because he was suffering. Job:14-16

4) Even as Job suffered, God granted his desire. Job desired to have all that was happening and being said recorded or written in a book. Job 19:24 (We have the book.)

5) Although Job spoke of death as being the end, Job knew in his heart that death isn’t the end and he would see God. Also, he knew there will be a day of true judgement. Job 19:25-26, 19 28-29

6) Even in Job’s day some people were insulted by the truth. Job 20:3  Also, some people believed that if a person were rich, they were more sinful than others simply because they had possessions. Job 20 15-23, 22:9 (sound familiar?)

7) Job understood that inequality of conditions is not always  contingent upon lifestyle. Job 21:23-26

8) Judging others is wrong and sinful. Job 21:17-30

Two implied lessons are that when a man and woman become one in Holy Matrimony, her life is his and his is hers. I say this because God gave Satan permission to take everything Job had, but Satan was not allowed to touch Job’s life. Job’s wife wasn’t taken.

Another inference we can make is that reasoning with people who judge themselves to be right will probably not change their minds. Even sound arguments and truth with clear, logical examples could not get through to Job’s so-called friends.

Job 1-21

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