Lucy, evolutionist’s poster child, is modeled at both Science Museum and Creation Museum.



Most public school children are introduced to ‘Lucy’ by sixth grade.

Lucy is important because after scanning bone fragments and constructing the Science Model a decision was made that:

“These scans will ensure that future generations are familiar with Lucy,” said Jara Mariam, director general of Ethiopia’s Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, “and will know of Ethiopia’s central contribution to the study of human evolution. A virtual Lucy will be able to visit every classroom on the planet.”

School children will meet the ‘Lucy’ displayed at Houston Science Museum.  They will never be introduced to ‘Lucy’ from the Creation Museum. Unless parents choose to reveal her, they will never even hear of ‘Lucy’ from the Creation Museum.


A Science Museum model made from 47 bone fragments found in Ethiopia. According to evolutionists, she lived 3 1/2 million years ago, but her bone fragments survived and they were able to reconstruct her body using a more recent baboon bone and conclusions drawn by footprints found in the area. She is an early ancestor of mankind. (They were actually unable to date the fragments but used the 3 1/2 million years figure because of where she was found. Also, they were unable to find evidence of up-right walking but made Lucy bi-pedal based upon nearby footprints.)*


A Creation Museum model designed from these same bone fragments who was an ape. Creations believe she died at sometime in the distant past and was possibly a gorilla, but definitely a member of the ape family. They do not contribute the footprints to the creature whose bone fragments were recovered.

You may want to read more about ‘Lucy’. I suggest the sites below. The first are sites that give Creationists’ reasons for their conclusions. The last two give the story being taught in public schools and around the world.

Origins of Mankind

Bringing Lucy to Life at Answers in Genesis

Lucy (AL288) – Australopithecus afarensis Skeleton from Ethiopia   or University of Texas at Austin

*I feel I should personally report one inaccuracy. The 40% of her skeleton touted on the University of TX site isn’t correct according to my math.  For there to have been 40% of the skeleton present there would needed to have been at least 82.8 bones found.  Only 47 fragments were found and one of the knee joints probably did not belong to the same animal. Other inaccuracies on any of the sites are left for the reader to discover.



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