Media Controls Our News in an Attempt to Shape Our Future


Saturday, October 23, 2016 Donald Trump spoke at Gettysburg.

During his speech Mr. Trump made a pledge to America. Below are links to the pledge as well as video of the speech. The pledge lists 28 things Donald Trump promises to do during his first 100 days in office.

Would you think this pledge to be a news-worthy event?

What Trump Just Pledged to America Will Shake the World to Its Knees

Because of the unusual nature of the pledge and because Trump promises to do these things the first 100 days of his presidency, one would think this would not only be news-worthy, but that it would dominate the news.

Yet, here is how the story looked on the front page of the liberal/progressive Chattanooga Times Free Press:

At Gettysburg Trump Vows to Sue Female Accusers

The Chattanooga paper isn’t alone. All liberal media seem to focus on Trump’s promise to sue the women who have accused him and exclude or minimize the 28 things he will do for our country.

Perhaps you will take time to listen to the speech:

If you cannot listen to the 40 minute speech, will you read the list of items Trump pledges to accomplish his first 100 days in office?

Go to “Contract with the American Voter” to read the 28 policies detailed by Trump.


Personally, I think if every innocent man would sue those who decide to “come forward” days before an election this might discourage many people from attempting to destroy someone’s character for political purposes.

I did not support or vote for Trump in the primary process, but he is one of the people selected and I truly believe that he deserves fair coverage by the press.


Many in the media say Christians should not vote in this election. I have reached the conclusion that I should vote. Christians prayed for God’s will to be done during the primary process. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the candidates who were chosen and they are our two choices. Each candidate has aligned with a platform. I am voting for the  candidate who aligns with the platform with which I agree. That means I must vote for Donald Trump. If he does not follow through with what he promises, he will have to give an account to the Lord God. I will not be held accountable for what Trump does or doesn’t do. On the other hand, if I knowingly vote for someone who promises to do ungodly things and who supports things God calls abominable, then I will be held accountable when these things are done. Non-Christians certainly have no qualms about voting. I believe Christians should vote as well.



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