News that isn’t fake, but sadly isn’t widely reported…


Clint Cooper of the Chattanooga Times-Freepress wrote an Oped that ran in the paper February 21, 2017 on Norma McCorvey’s life. While Norma was not extremely famous, because of her life many lives changed. Norma was the plaintiff in the famous case, Roe vs Wade.

I am sharing her story because of “the rest of the story” of Norma’s life.

Norma did not abort her baby. She put it up for adoption and she deeply regretted that she signed on as the plaintiff in the case.

“I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life undoing the law that bears my name,” she told a Senate panel in 1998. “I would like nothing more than to have this law overturned.

Norma is no longer living. So it is up to others to share her story as much as possible. It was probably a heavy burden that she carried. Let us help get this deadly court ruling reversed.

Also know this: Legislators can legally make laws, not Court Justices.

Read Normas full story at: Times Free Press: Cooper: She Never Wanted to Be Roe


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